On these pages we report chronologically about the major events from the world of EFA Inspection.

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Version 1.5.1 of EFA Inspection is published!
The much-anticipated feature to overlay tranparently an image with the accompanying schematic drawing is now comfortably integrated. Besides the permanent overlay the schematic drawing can also be faded in and out - or be flashed. Both, the transparency effect and the fading time, are freely selectable. By pressing the "String"-button, the crossfading can be interrupted. As long as the string-key is held down, the program does not display the schematic drawing - or even just display it.
As a further innovation EFA Inspection can now automatically calculate the nest structure of a PCB-panel on the basis of the coordinate file. Together with the new overlay function, it is thus possible to display a schematic drawing, which only exists as a single circuit, in each of the existing nests!
The program version for Windows 2000 has been greatly improved. All the functions, that already worked in newer operating systems, are now available on Windows 2000.
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New version 1.4.0 is available for download!
Each user can be centrally deployed with a password according to its function from an Administartor.
The setup process has been accelerated. Multiple invalid columns of a coordinate file could be deleted at once. The set up dialog remembers the assignment of the column headings for future project setups.
Refer to all the innovations in detail in our newsletter! (Only in German language!)


EFA Inspection is released in version 1.3.3. Major expansion is the professional adaption of keypads (Keypad KP-24), with which the whole inspection process now can be performed. No further mouse or keyboard are required during the inspection.


The installation program of EFA Inspection now supports the languages German, English and French.


EFA inspection goes online with the English web site. This site is reachable under


EFA inspection goes online with the German web site. This site is reachable under the following hyperlinks ,, and


EFA Inspection is now available in 3 languages! German, English und French.


EFA Inspection is tested the first time under difficult conditions by a German, mid-sized company. PCBs with up to 180 nests and detailed scans with a resolution of 1200 dpi at a size of 100 Mbytes are subject to a first-article inspection.
EFA Inspection passed these requirements with flying colors - and beat the competition.

11/10/2009 - 11/13/2009

EFA Inspection was exhibited at the fair Productronica in Munich on the exhibition stand of our distributor SmartRep. The interest in EFA Inspection was overwhelming!


EFA Inspection is productive for the first time in a German company to use.