Automatic nest detection

During the setup process of a project the nests of a PCB-panel could automatically be detected on basis of the coordinate file. Therefor the description of the components must also include the coefficient of nests as a suffix. For the separation between the component name and the nest coefficient there must be a consistent separator (eg. "_" ,"@") within the whole file.

If the image file will be a PCB-panel, the program can distinguish the individual nests. The Info-display of the detected nests can be found under the menu "Installation". EFA Inspection highlights the nests as in the screenshot. This automatic detection is now offering a basis for other functions, such as inspections nest per nest or sub-inspections of certain nests.

Together with the unique
overlay-feature it is possible to display a schematic drawing, which only exists as a single circuit, in each of the existing nests! The program then uses the schematic drawing for each nest. The drawing will be simultaneously displayed in each nest, and thus provides a quick overview of all relevant information of the inspection!

If the coordinate names of your coordinate file were not yet available in the suffix notation, our add-on license (EPL-ML) can be used. This module is already in use by several customers. It expands your specific coordinate file of a single circuit to a whole PCB-panel. We are pleased to advise you in person!

The advantages in overview: