Set up an inspection order

Tutorial for installation of a new order

An order is to be understood as an inspection order of a printed circuit board.

An inspection order is established under an existing project to a specific PCB type. For the setup of a new inspection order it is only required to have an actual picture or an actual scan of the PCB.
Every order on this PCB type is set up under the same project. For later production series of the particular PCB, only the new inspection order with the newly created image of the first article must be setup. All previous inspection orders are immediately visible and recallable through the explorer tree.

In the production of a PCB-panel EFA Inspection supports your production process by the automatic nest detection! During the set up of a project the nest structure will automatically be detected on basis on the coordinate file. Nests of the image file of the order can be highlighted by the program. For more information, see automatic nest detection!

The advantages in overview:

Instructions for setting up a new order

This tutorial introduces you to the installation of an inspection order. Simply click on the following link. Tutorial for installation of a new order