The program design of EFA Inspection is innovative and user-friendly!

The following screenshots show some of the program views with insights into the innovative design of the program interface. Among others, there are presented setup steps, component calculations, as well as inspection view and selection of display functions.

For detailed view, simply click on the screenshots.

Set up a new project

Screenshot of the setup wizard to create a project.
The tree structure in the wizard shows the different setup steps.

Identification of the coordinates

Screenshot of the setup wizard at the installation of a new inspection order within the step of the identification of the coordinates. In the background, the schematic drawing of the already established project is visible.

View of the calculated coordinates

After a completed setup of a project or an order, the calculated components could be displayed for informational purpose. The calculated size and location of the components could be indicated directly in the image file as coloured markings on the components.

Installation of the overlay function

The schematic drawing can be transparently superimposed over the actual image file of the order. The screenshot above shows the setup wizard with the various possibilities of the overlay function.

Inspection view

Screenshot of a setting during an inspection
The actual image file is compared to the schematic drawing.

Reporting overview

In the image above, the corresponding inspection result is displayed directly in the image file. With this feature a quick overview over the valued components of a PCB can occur.

Display options

Screenshot of the possible display functions that are callable in the toolbar
The display options are always available - even during an inspection.