About us

We are very excited about your interest in the "creators" of EFA Inspection.

We, the founders of LEBERT software engineering, possess knowledge and experience that we have developed and collected in over 2 decades in theory and practice.

Our approach

Hans Jörg lebert


While we started in the 80s with procedural languages such as COBOL and RPG II, we practice for many years the object-oriented software development using C++ as a holistic approach on the heavily interlinked process of software engineering. Our knowledge and problem-solving databases are integrated in numerous C++ classes that have emerged from a long time of software development and subsequently proven in daily use. This elegant form of code-reusing leads to robust code and improves the quality of functions of all those software based on this class model - again and again.

We are fans of the Xtreme Programming - the incremental, iterative and use case-driven approach. The very early involvement of our customers in the development process sometimes requires a complete change in the software development.

The customer is our focus

Anne Lebert

(Head of sales and customer support)

But only this early - and heavily influenced by feedback - cooperation with our customer allows us to take all decisions during the development process in the sense of the customer.
Because from the view of the customer software is usually only a means to an end, and thus a tool for the business success.
That is why we want to continually learn from our own customers and see it as our challenge, to always exceed the expectations of our customers in their software .

If you are interested, then test our newest software product - EFA Inspection.

Enjoy our software!

The team of LEBERT Software Engineering